UCLan Degree Show 2013

The UCLan degree show took place from the 14th June to the 21st June. My work was showcased there as was my fellow course students, and in the same room was the ceramics course’s work. Below are a selection of my pictures from the show.

My work at the show:

IMG-20130616-WA0016IMG-20130616-WA00022013-06-18 12.49.542013-06-18 12.49.27

2013-06-18 12.47.412013-06-18 12.47.562013-06-18 12.51.02

2013-06-18 12.47.332013-06-18 12.47.242013-06-18 12.47.03

Leah Le

IMG-20130616-WA0018IMG-20130616-WA00182013-06-18 12.46.052013-06-18 12.45.58

2013-06-18 12.46.342013-06-18 12.46.282013-06-18 12.46.14

Designers are as follows; Hayley Farrell, Matthew Handy, Daniel Phillips.

IMG-20130616-WA0005IMG-20130616-WA00042013-06-18 13.13.07

Ceramics Work

Jo Pipkin

2013-06-18 12.45.342013-06-18 12.45.252013-06-18 12.45.132013-06-18 12.45.03

Ruth Benson


Other Ceramicist Work (sorry don’t know names!)

IMG-20130616-WA0008IMG-20130616-WA00062013-06-18 12.51.43IMG-20130616-WA0009IMG-20130616-WA0003IMG-20130616-WA0001IMG-20130616-WA0000

As I think you’ll agree a variety of work, but all brilliant! A fantastic opening night and full show. Very proud to be a part of it.

Emma x


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