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Lighting Concept

This is the concept of the larger lighting piece that I’ve created. Would be in a public place and used as a lighting feature/public art.



Emma x


UCLan Degree Show 2013

The UCLan degree show took place from the 14th June to the 21st June. My work was showcased there as was my fellow course students, and in the same room was the ceramics course’s work. Below are a selection of my pictures from the show.

My work at the show:

IMG-20130616-WA0016IMG-20130616-WA00022013-06-18 12.49.542013-06-18 12.49.27

2013-06-18 12.47.412013-06-18 12.47.562013-06-18 12.51.02

2013-06-18 12.47.332013-06-18 12.47.242013-06-18 12.47.03

Leah Le

IMG-20130616-WA0018IMG-20130616-WA00182013-06-18 12.46.052013-06-18 12.45.58

2013-06-18 12.46.342013-06-18 12.46.282013-06-18 12.46.14

Designers are as follows; Hayley Farrell, Matthew Handy, Daniel Phillips.

IMG-20130616-WA0005IMG-20130616-WA00042013-06-18 13.13.07

Ceramics Work

Jo Pipkin

2013-06-18 12.45.342013-06-18 12.45.252013-06-18 12.45.132013-06-18 12.45.03

Ruth Benson


Other Ceramicist Work (sorry don’t know names!)

IMG-20130616-WA0008IMG-20130616-WA00062013-06-18 12.51.43IMG-20130616-WA0009IMG-20130616-WA0003IMG-20130616-WA0001IMG-20130616-WA0000

As I think you’ll agree a variety of work, but all brilliant! A fantastic opening night and full show. Very proud to be a part of it.

Emma x

Resin Lighting!

These are a couple of pictures of the resin technique I used on my larger conceptual lighting piece. These are tubing filled with liquid resin with LED’s on one end. The light from the LED’s travels through the resin, thus making a homemade side bleed fibre optic. Interesting and risky technique, as it has never been done before! Not the best quality images but I thought it was interesting to share! 




Hope you find it interesting!

Emma x

Lighting Piece in the Dark!

The pictures in the previous post don’t show what the larger conceptual model looks like when lit up, as it was photographed in a really bright room. I took some pictures myself of the model in a dark room, obviously they aren’t as good quality as the professional ones, but I though I should show the effect the lighting piece has! (The model isn’t finished here!)


Thanks again for reading,

Emma x

Final Writing Desk!

The final year of my university course also saw me designing and making a writing desk. It was an interesting journey and these are some final pictures of my finished product, which have been professionally photographed!

3DP_8165 (1) 3DP_8166 (1) 3DP_8167 (1)

Thanks for reading.

Emma x

Final Lighting Pieces!

The final year of my university course saw me taking on the challenge of creating lighting pieces, something I had never done before and decided to do whilst at university so I had the help and advice I would need.

I created two lighting pieces, a smaller table lamp design and a larger conceptual model for a large scale lighting piece. The pictures below show them both!

Table LampTable LampTable Lamp


3DP_8170 (1)

3DP_8169 (1)3DP_8168 (1)


It’s been a while…

I haven’t posted for a long while and have decided I need to start doing so more often, so I have vowed to keep blogging regularly. Now that I have finished uni I will have more time. Seeing as it’s been so long I will be posting a lot of catch up posts to let you know what I have been doing and spending my time!

Sorry about the time away…



Minor Project Development




For my minor project, as you know, I am designing a lighting piece. After doing initial drawings and development, I decided to change my floor lamp to be based on a structure that was more scientific that made up. I opted to use the structure of melatonin for this lamp. The pictures below show my initial drawings of a melatonin based lamp, and then go onto show the development of these ideas.





Hope you like the pictures and the overall idea. Thanks for reading.


Cell Designs (Minor)

These are some drawings and computer work that I have been experimenting with to go on the outside of my lighting form. These ideas are taken from the imagery in my sketchbook of cells, particularly brain cells and neurons.


Hand Drawn Designs


Computer Designs



Recent Work (Minor)

Here are some pictures of the work I have done in my sketchbook today and yesterday. These relate to my minor project.



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