Forms for Minor Project

I have placed drawings taken from my cell research onto geometric forms. These are pictures of the outcomes.

I intend to repeat these geometric forms and combine them to make my lighting piece, which will replicate a molecular structure.





Progress in Minor and Major

These are my presentation boards for both my minor and major projects showing what progress I have made in both, mostly research.

Showing how blue light affects the brain

Showing the images of cells I collected for inspiration

Showing part of the lighting research I carried out

The initial ideas for my minor project. Drawings taken from cell images which I will incorporate into my designs.

Showing idea development. The patterns from the previous image on geometric formMajor

Research into architecture – Denton Corker Marshall

Research into architecture – A-Cero

Research into architecture – Frank Gehry

Research into the Bauhaus Movement

Research into existing furniture – Modular and interlocking

The idea of intersecting furniture led me to looking at motorway intersections.


When researching into human cells, particularly brain cells, I came across this website, I found loads of interesting imagery n this website and thought I would share a few with you.

Time-lapse movies of neuronal migration

If you click on these images, you will see the movement of the neurons.


hippocampal growth cone shape changeswith active filopodia and lamellipodia


two hippocampal growth cones making a connection


hippocampal growth cones making contact

Images of Neurons and Neuronal Proteins


COS7 cell transfected with DCX DsRed and MPR GFP and stained with beta tubulin/Marina blue


Laser confocal images of neurons in hippocampal slice gene gun transfected with DCX DsRed and µ1A GFP




Laser confocal images of neurons in hippocampal slice gene gun transfected with DCX DsRed and µ1A GFP


Thanks for reading and I hope you find some of this imagery inspiring.


A Major Interest


As you know I am in my final year of my University course, 3D Design. I have two projects this year, a major and a minor. The previous posts are inspiration for my minor project, but these pictures of modern architecture are what is inspiring my major project. I am interesting in post modern architecture, and the different shapes, angles and intersections of the buildings are what I am intending to incorporate into my designs. 


An Interesting Article

Here’s a link to an interesting article I found on Science Daily while looking into blue light affects on the brain. I am hoping to incorporate these into my designs.



Cell Inspiration









This is an image of electrons firing along the neural pathways within the brain. I am using cells within the body for the inspiration for one of my final year projects. I am hoping to develop the images I collect into ideas for a light of some kind.



My name is Emma Broxson and I have started a blog to document my designs and studies as I finish my degree and continue  into my career. I am currently in my 3rd year at UCLan, studying 3D Design. I will share things I find that are interesting to me and are helping to inspire my current work. I will also share the journey of my project and how I am getting on with my ideas and designs.

Hopefully I will be blogging again soon with something interesting.


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